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Antique Georgian 14K Gold Hand Fist Necklace Slide Guard Chain C.1820

Antique Georgian 14K Gold Hand Fist Necklace Slide Guard Chain C.1820

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Very rare and sought after Georgian 14K gold
hand fist slide guard chain necklace C.1820.

These chains were used as guard chains for lorgnettes, watches,
or simply for hanging valuable pendants.

The necklace is extra long, 56” just the chain alone.
It can be wrapped twice around a neck.
The chain is very special with hand crafted square links 2 mm across.

The chain terminated to the hand fist end
with old style dog clip clasp.

The hand fist crafted very realistically and has front and back.
It is holding an upside down stirrup shape swivel.
The clasp has its own spin swivel.
The latch turns open on the hinge and locks close with the knurled threaded nut.
The hand and the clasp together are 40 mm (1 9/16") long
while the hand with the stirrup swivel is approx. 21 mm (13/16”) long.

Double sided slide embellished with hand carved flowers and scrolls.
It is 14 mm (9/16”) X 11.5 mm (7/16”).
It stays and holds on place as desired.

There is no hallmarks.
The chain tested 14K gold.
The slide, the hand and the clasp are gold cased silver.
Total weight is 25.8 grams.

Very good antique condition commensurate with age.


14K gold


The chain is 56" long

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